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I love the English language. I love its limitless potential to inspire, educate and entertain. And it has made me sad and frustrated that this wonderful language has become so coarsened, with R-rated language peppering conversations everywhere. Many parents and teachers care about this, too, and so I’ve written two special reports, each one with practical tips, to help keep young kids from picking up the four-letter habit, and another to help teens kick the habit. It can be done!

And for anyone who aspires to speak in public, or who needs to speak in public, I’ve also written a special report on how to naturally include humor in public presentations, including tips from top comedians and other humor writers. I welcome you to download these reports, and I hope you find them useful.

12 Tips to Add Humor in Public Speaking

o Inject relatable humor right from the beginning of your presentation
o Find humor that will work for your audience, and what topics to avoid
o Use effective self-deprecating humor—not loser humor
o Tips on how to keep the audience engaged

Download How to Add Humor in Public Speaking.pdf

13 Ways to Keep Young Kids from Swearing

o Filter damaging media input to protect your children
o Find cleaner entertainment choices the entire family will enjoy
o How to react when others swear in front of your children
o Keep your kids wanting to “talk clean”
o Have fun with your child while finding better word choices at the same time

Download Young Kids and Swearing (.pdf)

10 Tips to Help Your Teens Stop Swearing

o Why swearing is a bigger problem for your teens than you think
o How to set a non-swearing standard in your home
o Deal with teen resistance to your efforts
o Help your teen rethink the “coolness quotient” of swearing
o Build your teen’s sense of self through encouraging cleaner talk

Download Dont Talk Like That! How to Help Teens Swear Off Swearing (.pdf)

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