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Till We Eat Again: A Second Helping

“I laughed out loud because this book is so funny and so true. I loved it! Judy’s witty takeaway on diet scams is hysterical, and that detox section…I was ROTFL!”
– Jennifer Cohen, author and founder of No Gym Required; fitness spokesperson, Weight Watchers

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MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools

MBA Going for an MBA? Show your management smarts by following this straight-talking advice that will direct you through the MBA admissions maze. Written by two leading experts in MBA admissions consulting, this book will help you find the right school for you. MBA Admissions for Smarties will show you how to:

·      Determined your goals for an MBA and beyond
·      Research target schools to see if you’re a “fit.”
·      Understand what the schools want from you in their essays.
·      Write with clarity, specifics and meaning.

“MBA Admissions for Smarties is a gem of a guide designed to help savvy business school applicants research and pick appropriate schools and present their application in the most compelling way to the admiossion committees.”
– Leila Pirnia, Founder, MBA Podcaster

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The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement

image Named ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award in Humor! (GOLD)

Silver “IPPY” Award from Independent Publisher

Bronze Award, Benjamin Franklin Book Awards

Ever fall for the lure of expensive, exotic moisturizers promising impossible anti-aging miracles? Ever receive one of those happy, sappy New Year’s letters from someone you barely remember from fourth grade? Can’t decide whether to stay friends with a size two woman who won’t eat a carrot because of its high-carb content?

If so, you’re in good company. Award-winning humorist and Bikram yoga dropout Judy Gruen copes with all this and more in The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement. Her riffs on female obsessions, motherhood, men, and why a woman’s home is her hassle are candid, fresh, and surprisingly intimate.

Starbucks® has published a quip from the book on 5 million cups.

“Judy Gruen is the only writer who reminds me that marriage is funny. Now when my wife gives me a speech about how I should change at my inner core, instead of having that stupid look on my face that all men have, I remember Part V.” —Mark Schiff, author, I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America’s Top Comics

“I love books that sell themselves, and I had orders for The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement before it even made it to the shelf. This book will find a home on my humor shelf, and I hope it will find a home on the Book Sense Picks List too! Bravo.” — Keri Holmes, bookseller, The Kaleidoscope, Hampton, Iowa


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Carpool Tunnel Syndrome: Motherhood as Shuttle Diplomacy

Parenting advice overload got you down? Relax! In this nearly fact-free book, Judy will apply lessons learned in the trenches as a mother of four kids, two hamsters, and one dog. She’ll teach you how to hide successfully from the PTA, why pet goldfish are a very, very bad idea, and why triple hot fudge sundaes are required for a mom’s mental health. This classic humor book has got moms and dads laughing about overzealous parents at Little League games, cheap imported toys that beep at 2:00 a.m., and bizarre pediatric ailments that make children too sick to go to school, including “itchy right eyebrow” and “fat hair.”

“Judy Gruen’s book is probably one of the funniest books I have ever read, and I laughed myself silly over the chapter ‘Why Guar Gum is Really a Vegetable’. This book is for every woman who has ever experienced morning sickness, endured screaming toddlers in a supermarket and/or have fallen victim to a Stupid Parent Trick by precocious progeny. Judy has been there, done that and written a hilarious book about it. You’ll love it!”
—Leanne Ely, author of Saving Dinner for the Holidays and Body Clutter.

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