About Judy Gruen

image I’m a healthcare writer-turned humorist who has written one business book, three award-winning books and hundreds of columns and features. I’m also an editor, speaker, and in my spare time, an anti-cellulite activist. (Our meetings are lots of fun, as I always serve chocolate.) My humor appears regularly on Aish.com, and formerly ran for many years on MommaSaid.net. I’m also a consultant with Accepted.com, the premier admissions consulting and application essay editing service, helping clients plan and polish their graduate school essays. I welcome inquiries from clients who would like my expert assistance in writing or editing their non-fiction material. I have extensive experience in healthcare writing in addition to Jewish spirituality. I love helping other people communicate to their audiences clearly and compellingly. 

And if you are an editor who would like to run my humor in your media outlet, please contact me, or check Featurewell.com, where rights to many of my pieces are available. Remember, if you enjoy my blogs and columns here, you’re sure to love my stress-releasing, endorphin-releasing, funny books! 

"Judy's a gifted spiritual memoirist, telling tales from ordinary life with a confident bite that sparks laughter with pure truth."
— David Crumm, editor, ReadTheSpirit.com
Judy's books books New Release Till We Eat Again
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